3.19.4: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Greetings, students. Now that you’re in Year 3 of your American English studies, you will be able to read, and listen about one of VOA’s “Arts and Culture” articles, which explore music, pop culture, society, and life in the United States of American as well as in countries all over the world. You are encouraged to carefully read the article and the vocabulary words, as well as listen to the article.  Finally, you are invited to share what you learned by discussing why this article is important and meaningful in the comments section below.

Directions: Read the article and study the vocabulary below.

Directions: Listen to the audio recording of the article.

Directions: Share your insights about why this article is meaningful and important by writing in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “3.19.4: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Hello, hind from Iraq
    Today’s sTeens are in No hurry to start drivingg
    The legal age to drive a car in United States is 16 getting drivers license on the day you turn 16?had long been a major life event for many young people in America.
    The drip in interest in driving began with the millennial generation and has continued with generation Z- people born between 1997-2012 ،because some choose more environmentlly friendly transportation choice, or he’s find driving to be stressful and some simply do not care about cars at all.

  2. Lesson 3.19.4 Year 3
    VOA, Arts & culture
    ” Today’s Teens in No Hurry to Start Driving.”
    Interest in driving among today’s teenagers has dropped sharply over the past 35 years.
    In 1983, 80 percent of 18 years old in America had a driver lancins, by 2018 that number had dropped to61 percent. This drop in interest in driving began with the Millennial generation and has continued with Gen Z.
    Millennials: Born 1981- 1996 (27-42 years old).
    Generation: Gen Z, Born 1997-2012 (11-26 years old).
    There are several reasons of this trend, including the fact that teenagers have more options for staying connected with friends and family without driving. Young people say they have many reasons for delaying or getting a driver lancins. Some of them find driving to be stressful and some simply do not cares at all. Sixteen years old, Kat Welson is from new Jersey, her father races cars local competitions, but she has not interesting in driving and having her own car. Welson said, I see a lot of accident, and it’s scary.Accordining to survey report, 54 % of Gen Zer’s spend at least four hours daily on social media and 38 % spend even more time than that.
    NASCAR driver Ryan, Newman, believes and says, ” God gave us our seances to go out and enjoy them and just by enjoying them on a video game is not the right way to do it.

  3. Lesson 3.19.4 Year 3
    Below is the answer to the question related the driving license.
    I live in Pakistan, any person at least 18 years old can apply for a driving license. the applicant must show their National Ident Card and must be able to read a car number plate from a distance, having said that, the most important thing, that the driving license will be issued after passing Driving test.
    In my country young generation are crazy having their own vehicles.

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