3.23.3: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Hello students! Congratulations on completing Years 1 and 2 of American English. Now that you are better prepared and that your American English is stronger, during years 3, 4, and 5 of your American English studies with Maestro Sersea, you will receive a different English grammar lesson each week.

Each week we focus on an English Grammar topic you can review. This week we focus on PHRASAL VERBS. Click here to access 200 common phrasal verbs, with meanings and example sentences: https://www.englishclub.com/vocabulary/phrasal-verbs-list.htm

Here’s a video that includes phrasal verbs in conversations:

You are encouraged to do your best to learn from each English grammar lesson as well as do further research via the Google search engine below if you need to learn more about each grammar topic.  Type the topic you’re searching for in the “Enhanced by Google” box below so you can search for more information.

One thought on “3.23.3: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Dear teacher,
    Grammar today is ” Phrasal Verb” What is a phrasal verb?
    A phrasal verb combines a normal verb with an adverb or a preposition, referred to as the particle of the phrasal verb, to create an entirely new verbal phrase—the phrasal verb. The meaning of a phrasal verb is usually unrelated to the meanings of the words that compose it, so think of a phrasal verb as an entirely new and independent word.
    For example:
    1_I am not the kind of person who holds all of this against you.
    2_Dhiraj is the one who is taking care of the applications for gold loan. 3_Can you please hand it over to him?
    Inseparable Phrasal Verbs
    Inseparable phrasal verbs, as the name suggests, cannot be separated from each other and have to be used together, no matter what.
    For example:
    1_You will have to account for all the losses that have been incurred.
    2_Harish was asked to check out of the hotel before 9 p.m. on Tuesday.
    There are four types of phrasal verbs. They are Separable Phrasal Verbs, Inseparable Phrasal Verbs (Transitive,) Three-word Phrasal Verbs (Transitive,) and Intransitive Phrasal Verbs. Separable Phrasal Verbs: Can take a direct object, and can be used apart from each other.
    Thank you.

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