3.28.2: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Hello students. I’m proud of you for completing years 1 and 2 of our American English course.  In order for you to become a strong intermediate American English learner, you need to be able to read, understand, and discuss abridged American English short stories.  In this lesson, throughout Year 3 of your studies, you will read, listen to, and write about popular American English short stories. Please follow the directions below closely.

  • Study the American English vocabulary below.

Words in This Story

continually​ – adv. doing something without interruption, not stopping or ending​

rainbow – n. a curved line of different colors that sometimes appears in the sky when the sun shines through rain​

publisher – n. a person or company that produces books, magazines, etc.

faint – v. to suddenly become unconscious

slave – n.someone who is legally owned by another person and is forced to work for that person without pay​

fist – n. the hand with its fingers bent down into the palm

  • Listen to the story.

  • Watch the video and read along.

  • Take the short story quiz.

Take the quiz: https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/2766382/p1.html?isEmbedded=True

4 thoughts on “3.28.2: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Lesson 3.28.2 Year: 3
    American story, ”A Municipal Report” written by O. Henry.
    The quiz of this story I got 75%.

  2. Lesson 3.28.2 :Year 3
    American Story, ” A Municipal Report” Written by O.Henry
    As I understand the central topic of the story is fraud or trickery-story.The story concerns an unnamed narrator who visit Nash villa to meet and negotiate a contract on behalf of a literary magazine with a local writer named Azalea Ad air. According to the narrator Nashville is quite boring city.In the hotel he meets a local drink man ,named ”Major” Went worth Ca swell . They start talking and Ca swell talks about his wife, who is a rich lady.The next day narrator starts his journey to meet Azalea and hires a coach . The driver of the coach is an elderly black man. The driver of the coach gets surprise to know the name of the destination and the lady whom the narrator wants to meet.As the story progress, the narrator learns more about the connections between the three individuals.I went through the story many times,truthfully I did not understand it. I think one of the main character is killed for his money by a group of thieves.In the stories of O.Henry, there is often a surprise ending. Sometimes the ending or final result may not be as it first appears and readers need to think what really happened?

  3. Dear teacher,
    Lesson 3.28.2 :Year 3
    American Story, ” A Municipal Report” Written by O.Henry.
    It was raining as I got off the train in Nashville, Tennessee — a slow, gray rain. I was raining as I got off the train in Nashville, Tennessee — a slow, gray rain. I
    was tired so I went straight to my hotel. A big, heavy man was walking up and down in the hotel lobby. Something about the way he moved made me think
    of a hungry dog looking for a bone.
    He had a big, fat, red face and a sleepy expression in his eyes. He introduced himself as Wentworth Caswell — Major Wentworth Caswell — from ” a fine southern family.” Caswell pulled me into the hotel’s barroom and yelled for a waiter. We ordered drinks. My boss had asked me to go to Nashville.
    The magazine had received some stories and poems from a writer in Nashville, named Azalea Adair. The editor liked her work very much. The publisher asked me to get her to sign an agreement to write only for his magazine. I left the hotel at nine o’clock the next morning to find Miss Adair. It was still raining. As soon as I stepped outside I met Uncle Caesar. He was a big, old black man with fuzzy gray hair. He opened the carriage door and said softly, “Step right in, sir. I’ll take you anywhere in the city.”
    “I want to go to eight-sixty-one Jasmine Street,” I said, and I started to climb into the carriage. But the old man stopped me. “Why do you want to go there, sir? ”
    “What business is it of yours?” I said angrily. Uncle Caesar relaxed and smiled.
    “Nothing, sir. But it’s a lonely part of town. Just step in and I’ll take you there right away.”
    861 Jasmine Street had been a fine house once, but now it was old and dying. I got out of the carriage. Azalea Adair herself opened the door when I knocked.
    Azalea Adair and I sat down at the table and began to talk. I told her about the magazine’s offer and she told me about herself. She was from an old southern family. Her father had been a judge.
    Azalea Adair told me she had never traveled or even attended school.
    Uncle Caesar was waiting outside the hotel the next afternoon. He took me to Miss Adair’s house and agreed to wait there until we had finished our business.
    Azalea Adair did not look well. I explained the agreement to her. She signed that agreement and then she felt immediately to the floor. I picked her up to meet doctor for curing. Finally, she recovered as normal.
    Thank you teacher.

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