3.39.2: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Hello students. I’m proud of you for completing years 1 and 2 of our American English course.  In order for you to become a strong intermediate American English learner, you need to be able to read, understand, and discuss abridged American English short stories.  In this lesson, throughout Year 3 of your studies, you will read, listen to, and write about popular American English short stories. Please follow the directions below closely.

  • Study the American English vocabulary below.

Words in This Story

vase – n. a container that is used for holding flowers or for decoration

Fountain of Youth – n. 1. in stories and legends: a fountain with magic water or
a source of the kind of energy or health that young people usually have

wondrous – adj. causing wonder or amazement : very beautiful or impressive

magic – adj. having the power to make impossible things happen; having supernatural power

nationalism – n. a feeling that people have of being loyal to and proud of their country often with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries

temporary – adj. continuing for a limited amount of time; not permanent​

  • Listen to the story.

  • Watch the video and read along.

  • Take the short story quiz.

Take the quiz: https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/2649565/p1.html?isEmbedded=True

4 thoughts on “3.39.2: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Lesson 3.39.2: Year 3
    American short story.
    ” Doctor Heidegger’s Experiment” by Nathanial Hawthorne.
    I read the story many times, it is hard to understand. As I understand, the story is about a doctor who claims to have been sent water from the fountain of youth. Doctor invites four elderly friend, Mr. Medbourne, Colonel Killiebrew,Mr.Gascoingne and widow Wycherley to his study to participate his curious experiment that temporary restore then youth. The guests are all old, who had been unfortunate in life.
    Doctor is known for his mysterious experiments and collection of magical objects. The story shows how the four subjects repeat he same mistakes they made in their past. The folly or mistakes of youth and the insatiability of human deserve. The rose and mirror are two important symbols in the story. The rose was given to doctor by his fiancé, who died the night before their wedding, he was persevered the rose with his page of magic book ever since.
    The theme of the story is, ” Youth and Old age,” ” Human versus Nature” and” Good and Evil”

  2. Dear teacher,
    Today’s story is “Doctor Heidegger’s Experiment” by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
    Doctor Heidegger, once invited four friends to meet him in his office. There were three white-bearded gentlemen, Mister Medbourne, Colonel Killigrew, and Mister Gascogne. And, there was a thin old lady whose husband had died, so she was called the Widow Wycherly.
    As for the Widow Wycherly, tradition tells us that she was once a great beauty. But shocking stories about her past had led the people of the town to reject her. So, she lived very much alone.
    It is worth stating that each of these three men were early lovers of the Widow Wycherly. And they had once been on the point of killing each other over her.
    Doctor Heidegger was known for his unusual experiments. But his four guests did not expect anything from it.
    The doctor filled the four glasses with water from the Fountain of Youth. The liquid produced little bubbles that rose up to the silvery surface.
    The old guests agreed to drink the water, although they did not believe in its power.
    “Drink, then,” said the doctor. “I am happy that I have so well chosen the subjects of my experiment.” Doctors’s friends and a woman drank experimental water and they became young people as a magic.
    The men began to argue violently about who would dance with her. They gathered around the widow, each grabbing for her.
    The Magic’s glass water was broken because of their argument.
    Doctor Heidegger who was holding his treasured rose. The flower was fading and drying up once more.
    The quests looked at each other and saw their looks changing back. “Are we grown old again so soon?” they cried.
    But the doctor’s four friends had learned no such lesson. They decided at that moment to travel to Florida and drink morning, noon, and night from the Fountain of Youth.
    Thank you.

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