3.43.1: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Vocabulary Year 3 of American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea. In this lesson we will study American English vocabulary compliments of the VOA Wordbook, a dictionary of over 1,500 highly-used words.  Please focus and do your best so that you can learn and improve your vocabulary, which will help your comprehension and communication skills. Don’t forget to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and what you’ve learned today.

Part 1 Directions:  Listen to the audio and read along the vocabulary words and definitions 2-3 times.  If needed, use the translation feature to translate the vocabulary words and definitions in your primary language.

  • surprise – to cause a feeling of wonder because something is not expected; something not expected; the feeling caused by something not expected
  • surrender – to give control of oneself or one’s property to another or others; to stop fighting and admit defeat
  • surround – to form a circle around; to be in positions all around someone or something
  • survive – to remain alive during or after a dangerous situation
  • suspect – to imagine or believe that a person is guilty of something bad or illegal; a person believed to be guilty
  • suspend – to cause to stop for a period of time
  • swallow – to take into the stomach through the mouth
  • swear in – to put an official into office by having him or her promise to carry out the duties of that office (“The chief justice will swear in the president.”)
  • sweet – tasting pleasant, like sugar
  • swim – to move through water by making motions with the arms and legs
  • sympathy – a sharing of feelings or emotions with another person, usually feelings of sadness
  • system – a method of organizing or doing something by following rules or a plan; a group of connected things or parts working together for a common purpose or goal


  • take – to put a hand or hands around something and hold it, often to move it to another place; to carry something ; to seize; to capture; to begin to be in control (“The president takes office tomorrow.”)
  • talk – to express thoughts in spoken words; n. a meeting for discussion
  • tall – higher than others; opposite short
  • tank – a large container for holding liquids; a heavy military vehicle with guns
  • target – any person or object aimed at or fired at
  • taste – to sense through the mouth (“The fruit tastes sweet.”)
  • tax – the money a person or business must pay to the government so the government can provide services
  • tea – a drink made from the plant of the same name
  • teach – to show how to do something; to provide knowledge; to cause to understand
  • team – a group organized for some purpose, often for sports
  • tear – to pull apart, often by force

Part 2 Directions:  Take out your notebook or a sheet of paper and a pen.  Watch the video below to take the vocabulary test for this lesson and check your level of understanding of this vocabulary lesson.

Part 3 Directions: Now that you’ve completed this vocabulary lesson, use the comments section below to share your thoughts about what you’ve learned.

One thought on “3.43.1: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Lesson 3.43.1: year 3.
    Vocabulary lesson 43
    I have learnt the following words.
    The meaning of surrender is, give in, give (oneself) up, relinquish or handover.
    In 1815 Denmark surrendered Norway to Sweden.
    the final surrender of Germany on 6 may1945.
    2) Swear in:
    Swear in is a verb and the meaning of the word is, promise, pledge oneself.
    Maria made me swear I would never tell anyone her secrets.
    3) Sympathy: sympathy is noun, and the meaning is pity, condolence, kindness, concern.
    they had great sympathy for the flood victims.

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