3.45.1: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Vocabulary Year 3 of American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea. In this lesson we will study American English vocabulary compliments of the VOA Wordbook, a dictionary of over 1,500 highly-used words.  Please focus and do your best so that you can learn and improve your vocabulary, which will help your comprehension and communication skills. Don’t forget to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and what you’ve learned today.

Part 1 Directions:  Listen to the audio and read along the vocabulary words and definitions 2-3 times.  If needed, use the translation feature to translate the vocabulary words and definitions in your primary language.

  • these – of or about the people, places or things nearby that have been spoken about already
  • they – those ones being spoken about
  • thick – having a large distance between two opposite surfaces (“The wall is two meters thick.”); having many parts close together (“The forest is very thick.”); almost solid, such as a liquid that does not flow easily; opposite thin
  • thin – having a small distance between two opposite surfaces; not fat; not wide; opposite thick
  • thing – any object
  • think – to produce thoughts; to form ideas in the mind; to consider; to believe
  • third – coming after two others
  • this – of or about the person, place or thing nearby that has been spoken about already
  • threaten – to warn that one will do harm or cause damage
  • through – in at one end and out at the other; from front to back; from top to bottom; with the help of; by
  • throw – to cause to go through the air by a movement of the arm
  • tie – to join or hold together with some material; anything that joins or unites; links or connections (“The two nations have strong trade ties.”)
  • time – that which is measured in minutes, hours, days and years; a period that can be identified in hours and minutes and is shown on a clock; a period when an event should or will take place
  • tired – having less strength because of work or exercise; needing sleep or rest
  • to – showing the direction of an action; showing the person or place toward which an action is directed; showing a goal or purpose
  • today – this day
  • together – in one group; at the same time or place; in cooperation
  • tomorrow – the day after today
  • tonight – this night
  • too – also; as well as; more than is necessary
  • tool – any instrument or device designed to help one do work
  • top – the upper edge or surface; the highest part; the cover of something
  • torture – to cause severe pain; the act of causing severe pain in order to harm, to punish or to get information from
  • total – the complete amount
  • touch – to put the hand or fingers on
  • toward – in the direction of; leading to
  • town – a center where people live, larger than a village but not as large as a city
  • trade – to buy and sell or exchange products or services; the activity of buying, selling or exchanging products or services
  • tradition – a ceremony, activity or belief that has existed for a long time

Part 2 Directions:  Take out your notebook or a sheet of paper and a pen.  Watch the video below to take the vocabulary test for this lesson and check your level of understanding of this vocabulary lesson.

Part 3 Directions: Now that you’ve completed this vocabulary lesson, use the comments section below to share your thoughts about what you’ve learned.

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