3.3.4: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Greetings, students. Now that you’re in Year 3 of your American English studies, you will be able to read, and listen, about one of VOA’s “As It Is” articles, which explore issues in the news in the United States of American as well as in countries all over the world. You are encouraged to carefully read the article and the vocabulary words, as well as listen to the article.  Finally, you are invited to share what you learned by discussing why this article is important and meaningful in the comments section below.

Directions: Read the article and study the vocabulary below.

Directions: Listen to the audio recording of the article.

Directions: Share your insights about why this article is meaningful and important by writing in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “3.3.4: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Hello , hind from Iraq.
    Taiwan Reporr says Chines forces could paralyze’ its defense a Taiwanese government report has warned that china’s military could “paralyze the island’ armed forces.
    The yearly report was prepared by Taiwan’s defense ministry for parliament . Reuters news agency reported the finding Wednesday . Saying it had examined a copy of the report.
    The latest document identifies more serious threats to Taiwan from China’s military years report.
    The report added that china” can combine with its internet army “ to launch wired a wireless attacks against the internet.

  2. Lesson 3.3.4 Year 3
    As It Is,
    ” Taiwan Report Says Chinese Forces could ” Paralyze ” it’s Defenses.”
    As , China is involved in multiple border disputes, one of them is between Chaina Taiwan. Taiwan is an Island roughly 100 miles from the coast of south-east China. In the 17th century the Island came under full Chinese control. In 17 th century, 1895 China gave the Island to Japan after losing the first Sino Japanese war. Chaina took the Island again in 1945 after Japan lost World War two. China claims that Taiwan was originally a Chinese province, but Taiwanese argue that they were never part of modern Chinese state that was first formed after the revelation in 1911…. Read more…

  3. Tension between China and Taiwan had already been increased. Taiwan’s economy is highly important. Much of the world’s everyday electronics equipment, from phone to laptop, watches and game consoles, computer chips are made in Taiwan. Taiwan sees itself as destinated from the Chinese mainland with it’s own constitution and democratically elected leaders.
    In September 2021, a Taiwanese government report has warned that Chanese’s military could ” paralyze” the Island ‘s armed forces. China can launch, soft and hard electronic attacks, such attacks could include blocking communications across a series of Islands that run from southern Japan, through the Taiwan and south of Philippines.
    But Taiwanese government has sought to build up its own defense industry and buy more equipment from the United States for his own country’s defense. The U.S. is the Island’s most important arms supplier and international supporter.

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