Are you struggling to stay focused? Do you feel like you’ve been working all day and nothing is getting done? This is a common problem for most writers. You may be spending hours every day just trying to get something written.

When I was first starting out, I was spending several hours a day writing blog posts. I would write for an hour and then spend the next two hours proofreading and editing. In the end, I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

In my experience, most writers don’t actually enjoy writing. It can be incredibly tedious, and it’s easy to get distracted by emails or social media. There are countless distractions, and we are often so used to them that they don’t even register anymore.

That’s why we need to fight back against our natural tendencies. Instead of falling into the trap of procrastination, we need to fight our natural instincts and become more productive.

The way I do this is by removing distractions, focusing on the task at hand, and then finishing it off. Here are a few tips for how to be more productive:

1. Remove Distractions

One of the biggest reasons people get distracted is because they are surrounded by things that are fun and interesting. We have a tendency to spend more time with the things we find interesting than the things that we need to accomplish.

To combat this, I use an app called Freedom. Freedom lets me keep track of my time spent on various tasks. I set it up so that it only counts the time that I am actively working on a task, and I can also set a limit on how much time I want to spend on a task. This way, I don’t get distracted by things that aren’t important, and I can focus my time and attention on what matters.

2. Focus On The Task At Hand

We are naturally drawn to the things that are interesting. We also tend to gravitate towards the things that require the least amount of effort. That’s why we are constantly checking our phones. It’s also why we check email when we sit down at our computers.

The solution is simple. Focus on the task at hand. Don’t distract yourself with the things that are interesting.

3. Finish What You Start

I’m a firm believer that you should never start a task unless you are committed to finishing it. If you start a task and decide later that it’s not important, you will only have wasted time.

If you start a task and decide that you are going to finish it later, you are probably not going to. Instead, try to commit to finishing the task right away. If you decide to take a break from the task, don’t get distracted by Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Just close the browser window and come back to it.

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