3.23.1: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Vocabulary Year 3 of American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea. In this lesson we will study American English vocabulary compliments of the VOA Wordbook, a dictionary of over 1,500 highly-used words.  Please focus and do your best so that you can learn and improve your vocabulary, which will help your comprehension and communication skills. Don’t forget to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and what you’ve learned today.

Part 1 Directions:  Listen to the audio and read along the vocabulary words and definitions 2-3 times.  If needed, use the translation feature to translate the vocabulary words and definitions in your primary language.

  • know – to understand something as correct; to have the facts about; to recognize someone because you have met and talked together before
  • knowledge –that which is known; learning or understanding


  • labor – work; workers as a group
  • laboratory – a room or place where experiments in science are done
  • lack – to be without; the condition of needing, wanting or not having
  • lake – a large area of fresh water surrounded by land
  • land – to come to the earth from the air (“Airplanes land at airports.”); the part of the earth not covered by water; the ground
  • language – words and their use; what people speak in a country, nation or group
  • large – big; being of more than usual size, amount or number; opposite small
  • last – to continue (“The talks will last three days.”); after all others; the only one remaining (“She is the last person in line.”)
  • late – after the correct time; near the end; opposite early
  • laugh – to make sounds to express pleasure or happy feelings
  • launch – to put into operation; to begin; to send into the air or space
  • law – all or any rules made by a government
  • lead – to show the way; to command; to control; to go first
  • leak – to come out of or to escape through a small opening or hole (usually a gas or liquid)
  • learn – to get knowledge about; to come to know a fact or facts
  • leave – to go away from; to let something stay where it is
  • left – on the side that is toward the west when one is facing north; opposite right
  • legal – of or in agreement with the law
  • legislature – a government lawmaking group
  • lend – to permit someone to use a thing temporarily; to make a loan of money
  • less – smaller in amount; not as much
  • let – to permit to do or to be; to make possible
  • letter – a message written on paper; a communication in writing sent to another person
  • level – the amount or height that something reaches or rises to; the position of something or someone
  • liberal – one who usually supports social progress or change
  • lie – to have one’s body on the ground or other surface; to say something that one knows is not true
  • life – the time between being born and dying; opposite death; all living things
  • lift – to take or bring up to a higher place or level

Part 2 Directions:  Take out your notebook or a sheet of paper and a pen.  Watch the video below to take the vocabulary test for this lesson and check your level of understanding of this vocabulary lesson.

Part 3 Directions: Now that you’ve completed this vocabulary lesson, use the comments section below to share your thoughts about what you’ve learned.

2 thoughts on “3.23.1: Year 3 American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Lesson 3.23.1 Year 3
    VOA, Vocabulary Lesson 23
    The lesson of vocabulary is strengthened and reinforce our English language. For speaking and becoming fluent for any language vocabulary is must. I read twice or some time thrice all vocabulary words with their meaning and try to understand them. In this video two words are new
    for me.
    1) Legislature: A body of persons having the power to legislate, judiciary, for example….
    In Pakistan legislature has big role in power.
    2) Liberal: Broad- minded, for example… They have liberal views on divorce.

  2. Dear teacher,
    Lesson 3.23.1 year 3
    Vocabulary Lesson.
    I had learnt some new vocabularies and practiced reading, pronunciation follow VOA vocabulary lesson video few times. I gain some new word as following:
    – laboratory – a room or place where experiments in science are done.
    – legislature – a government lawmaking group.
    – liberal – one who usually supports social progress or change
    Thank you for your lesson.

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