How to Be More Positive (Article 1)

We are all prone to negativity, but we can work towards being more positive.

We have all felt down, discouraged, unmotivated, tired and drained. It happens to everyone.

But how do you stay positive even when you’re feeling down?

There are many different ways to do this. Here are a few.

1. Surround yourself with positivity

When you’re feeling down, try to spend more time around positive people. This might sound hard to achieve, but there are lots of ways to achieve this.

Find people who make you feel better about yourself.

Do things that make you happy, like exercise, meditate, listen to music, go to the beach, or watch a movie.

2. Get some exercise

Exercise releases endorphins that make us feel happier.

Try a quick walk, go swimming, or hit the gym. If you’re going to do something active, try to do it in the morning or at lunchtime.

3. Have a hobby

Having a hobby can give you something to look forward to. If you don’t have one already, maybe try one of these hobbies.

Writing a blog, watching movies, making crafts, playing sports, learning languages, drawing, or reading books.

4. Focus on the positive

Focus on what’s good about your life, and not on what’s bad.

If you want to feel positive, focus on the good things in your life, like your friends, family, and the little things that make you happy.

5. Do something kind for someone else

When you feel down, doing something nice for another person can lift their mood.

Try giving them a compliment, or helping them with their homework, or taking them out for ice cream.

6. Find a reason to be grateful

Finding reasons to be grateful can keep you in a positive state of mind.

Think about what you’re thankful for, like your health, your job, or your family.

7. Keep your mind busy

Keeping your mind busy will stop it from focusing on negative things.

Try thinking about something else, like planning a holiday, reading a book, or trying a new hobby.

8. Keep a gratitude journal

Keeping a gratitude journal will help you remember all the good things in your life.

Write down 3 things you’re thankful for every day.

9. Smile

Smiling releases endorphins that make you feel happier.

If you’re having a bad day, try smiling more often.

10. Let go of stress

Stress makes us feel down and tired.

Try to find ways to deal with stress, like talking to a friend, meditating, doing yoga, or exercising.

11. Watch something funny

Watching something funny can make you feel happy and lighthearted.

Watch comedies, cartoons, or TV shows.

12. Remember something good

Remembering something good can make you feel positive again.

Try writing down something you’re thankful for, or remembering something that happened today that made you happy.

13. Eat a healthy breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast can make you feel better about yourself and your day.

Breakfast should consist of fruit, oatmeal, eggs, toast, yogurt, cereal, and juice.

14. Eat a healthy lunch

Eating a healthy lunch can make you feel better about yourself and your day.

Lunch should consist of vegetables, salad, rice, pasta, meat, and bread.

15. Drink water

Drinking lots of water can keep your body healthy.

Try drinking a glass of water before you eat, or after you eat.

16. Make time for yourself

Make time for yourself every day, whether it’s by meditating, reading, or relaxing.

If you’re having a bad day, make time for yourself.

17. Set goals

Setting goals can help you feel more motivated.

Set goals for yourself, like saving money, getting fit, or learning a new skill.

18. Read inspirational quotes

Reading inspiring quotes can keep you motivated.

Pick quotes that inspire you, like “Be the change you wish to see in the world” or “Success comes to those who sweat blood and tears”.

19. Watch your thoughts

Watching your thoughts is like watching a movie in your head.

Don’t think too much, or you’ll start feeling down.

20. Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can help you become more aware of your feelings and emotions.

Mindfulness can help you to be more positive, as it stops you from worrying about the past or future.

21. Give compliments

Giving compliments can make you feel better.

Try to compliment people on their appearance, or on a good idea they just had.

22. Listen to uplifting music

Listening to uplifting music can make you feel better.

Try listening to your favorite songs, or listening to music with a lot of energy.

23. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep can help you feel more positive.

Try to get 8 hours of sleep, every night.

24. Exercise

Exercising can make you feel good.

Try to exercise every day, even if it’s just walking for 10 minutes.

25. Take time to relax

Taking time to relax can help you feel more relaxed.

Try meditating, doing yoga, reading, or going for a walk.

2 thoughts on “How to Be More Positive (Article 1)

  1. Hello, hind from Iraq
    How to more positive
    1-Surround yourself with positivity.
    2-get some exercise .
    3- have a hoppy.
    4-,focus on the positive .
    5- do something kind for someone.
    6- find a reason to be grateful.
    7- keep your mind busy.
    8- keep a gratitude journal .
    9- smile ,let go of stress. Watch something funny.
    10-eat a healthy, lunch, drink water, set goals.
    11-makes time for yourself.
    12-read inspirational quotes .
    13- give compliment.
    14- get we enough sleep, exercise

  2. How to be more positive (Article 1)
    Research shows that positive thinkers have an improved quality of life and live longer. we can cultivate a positive mindset with these tried and tested techniques, and these will help us to think more positively.
    Identify areas for improvement.
    Spend time with positive people.
    keep smiling!
    Take care of your physical health.
    Be grateful,
    Challenge your negative thoughts!
    Help other people!

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